All districts in Greater Accra region of Ghana (2024)

In 1988-1989, it was entered into law that Ghana be sub-divided into regions to help in better service delivery and ensure efficiency in resource use. This was following a public outcry of corruption that led to grafts and funds embezzlement. Ghana then gazetted ten regions namely; Brong –Ahafo, Volta, Western, Eastern, Upper East, Upper West, Central, Northern, Greater Accra, Volta and Ashanti regions. The region would then sub-divided into smaller units such as the districts in Greater Accra, which would help in proper governance and management of resources. The district would fall under three distinct categories; ordinary districts, municipalities, and metropolises where the minimum population is 75,000, 95,000 and 250,000 people respectively.

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Each district would help in economic development and hence be tasked with the responsibility of efficiently managing public funds and resources and ensuring the district made forward strides towards growth. Core areas of focus are finance & administration, Justice & Security, social services, works and development planning. Each district is headed by the District Chief Executive, an Executive Committee, and a Presiding member and would be governed by assemblies.

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Nonetheless, herein you will observe the focus is on the Greater Accra region. We will unveil the various district in Greater Accra region and answer the question of how many districts are there in Greater Accra. Along with these, we will also have an in-depth analysis of each community its current status economically, politically and socially and where all the district capitals in Greater Accra located. The following is the list of districts in Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

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Districts in Greater Accra Region of Ghana

Well, it is in the wisdom that even before the mention of the names of districts in Greater Accra Region, the question of how many areas in Greater Accra should be answered. The Greater Accra region has 16 districts out of which 2 are metropolitan districts, 7 are municipal districts, while the other 7 are ordinary districts. It is worthwhile indicating that the Greater Accra region stretches up to the Atlantic Ocean according to the map of Greater Accra and most of the districts actually touch the coastline. Here is the list of communities in Greater Accra Region.

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1. Tema metropolitan district

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Tema Metropolitan District is along the Atlantic coast of Ghana, and it is about 25 kilometers East of the Ghanaian capital city, Accra. Tema is made up of four smaller districts namely Tema East, Tema West, Tema North and Tema South. It is made up of approximately 26 communities which means it is a home of diversity. Its capital is Tema.

The industrial harbor is the main tourist attraction in this district. It was constructed in 1961 and rapidly developed to boast of accelerating trade in the region and development of the infrastructural system. This is because the harbor city development was a stepping stone for oil and gas exploration. Besides, the people of Tema are known to do fishing as an economic activity. Tema Metropolitan district had 292,773 people in 2010 and is a relatively stable economy.

2. Accra metropolitan district

All districts in Greater Accra region of Ghana (5)

It is one of the important areas in Greater Accra Region of Ghana. First, the Accra metropolitan capital is Accra which also happens to be the capital city of the Republic of Ghana. This district was established in 1993 under Act 461 which provide that there be a creation of districts in the Greater Accra region. It has an extensive coastal strip which is a major tourist destination who desire to sunbathe and explore the warm equatorial climate. Other than this, this metropolitan also makes money from crop and animal farming and fishing.

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Accra Metropolitan District has an area of 6.56 square kilometers with a height of 200 feet above the sea level. It is one of the most densely populated regions of the country with a population of 1,668,086 million in the 2018 population and housing census (PHC). Mohammed Adjei Sowah is the president's appointed Chief Executive and the overall manager of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly.

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3. Adenta municipal district

All districts in Greater Accra region of Ghana (7)

Adenta is the capital of Adenta municipal district. It does not have a coastal strip which means it is landlocked. It borders other districts in the greater Accra region such as Tema, Ledzokuku Krowor, Kpone Katamanso, Accra, and La Nkwantanang administratively. It is a newly incorporated district, which got its operation powers in 2008 under President John Kufuor. The populace is majorly into farming as the primary economic activity. It boasts of a population of over 78,000 by now based on the 2010 PHC projection who have to settle within an area of 92.84 square kilometers. It is governed by Hon. Nubyl Kakra Van Lare who is the Presidential appointing for the position of Municipal Chief Executive. Adenta Municipal District is one of the 16 districts in the Greater Accra Region.

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4. Ashaiman municipal district

All districts in Greater Accra region of Ghana (9)

According to the map of Greater Accra, Ashaiman Municipal district border Tema and Kpone Katamanso districts and is a district in The Greater Accra region with a unique history. Ashai man from Tema and wanted to have his village. When he got there farming interested him before settling there for some years and even marrying from that community. Out of the concern, of the rampant killing and disappearance of youth he convinces his in-laws to moved and found a peaceful place in the forest upstream where they inhabited and later came to be the great Ashaiman Municipal District.

It is mostly dependent on farming and trading. This area has experienced increased growth and still has high prospects. It prides in being the home to Ashaiman Senior High School. Ashaiman district enjoys the right equatorial climate, has fantastic restaurants, improved infrastructural network, developed trade systems and tourist are mostly attracted to view the natural scenery and the rich culture including different multi-traditional dances.

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5. Ga East municipal district

All districts in Greater Accra region of Ghana (11)

Ga East is one of the recently founded districts in the Greater Accra Region. The old Ga Metropolitan district was recently subdivided into four districts due to population growth and the government commitment to serve people better in a smaller scope. However, the four district has a long-standing history of growing pineapples, unique cultural heritage, mineral deposits, and development.

This district precisely borders GA West Nkwantanang, Adenta and Accra districts. The district capital is, Abokobi which is a busy town and first home to the Presbyterian Missioners. Other cities are around this district are Taifa, Dome, and Madina while communities include the harmonious Pantang, Oyarifa, Ayi Mensa, Bansa, Hatatso, Boi, Kwabenya, and Ashongman. Besides, Ga East boast of the great Presbyterian Church of Ghana and the skyscraper Ghana Atomic Energy Commission; Madina is the capital.

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6. Ga South municipal district

All districts in Greater Accra region of Ghana (13)

Joseph Nyami is the current Municipal Chief Executive of this district who was recently established in 2008 by President John Kufuor. It was in the quest to offer sufficiently social services and administration to the people. It borders Ga Central and Ga West and stretches out to the Atlantic Ocean which means people therein also do fishing. This district is characterized by a rich culture of wood carving, hand-woven fabrics e.g. kente, jewelry and enormous mineral deposits all of which is a significant tourist attraction in the region. It also prides in being a partial owner of the Village of Sesimei yet another tourist attraction site. It branched out of Ga Metropolitan due to high population growth.

7. Ga west municipal district

All districts in Greater Accra region of Ghana (14)

It is one of the districts in the Greater Accra Region bordering the Ga South, Ga Central, Ga East and the Accra districts. It is just the only district in the Ga Metropolitan that was disintegrated to form the four district whose border touches each district. Ga West lies within longitude 0°12 west and 0°22 West and latitude 50°48' North, 5°39 North and it is along the Kumasi Accra route.

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The Ga West Municipal District has a unique sister city relationship with Ga East, South, and Central. The Village of Sesimei which was recently developed in collaboration with the Danish Government and is surrounded by unique historical events. In addition to this, it has smart, offbeat cultural practices with show-stopping song and dance festival and local artisan industries all of which are a primary tourist attraction in the district. Ningo PramPram is the district capital for Ga West Municipal.

8. La Nkwantanang Madina Municipal District

All districts in Greater Accra region of Ghana (16)

It is located in the South East of Ghana and neighboring Kpone Katamanso, Accra, Adenta, and Ga East districts in the Greater Accra Region and to the north is the Akuapim South District. Its capital is Madina, and the district lies on 70.89 square kilometers. From recent polls, it is one of the high performing countries in the Republic of Ghana economically, administratively and socially.

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La Nkwantanang Madina also known as Lanmma district has a proven record of consistently giving quality services to its populace especially in social amenities provision such as sanitation. It has a well-developed trade which is one of the leading economic activities, and others include farming and tourism. It has excellent tourist destination with a remarkable land formation, cold weather and the icing is the expensive restaurant for accommodation and other humanitarian services. The Municipal Chief Executive is none other than Mr. Franklin Anku.

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9. La Dade Kotopon Municipal District

All districts in Greater Accra region of Ghana (18)

La Dade Kotopon is a coastal district within the Greater Accra Region bordering the Ledzokuku Krowor district to the east and the west is the Accra metropolis district. It is a top tourist destination thanks to the warm equatorial climate and sandy beaches in a broad coastal strip.

This area is made up of seven communities; East Cantonments, Cantonments, Airport, La, Burma Camp, South La and North Larbone. Majorly the population is involved in trade although there is still mining, fishing – along with the Gulf of Guinea, among other economic activities. Gladys Tso Tsoo Mann-Dedey is the Political Head and Municipal Chief Executive following the recent presidential appointment in 2017.

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10. Ledzokuku-Krowor Municipal District

All districts in Greater Accra region of Ghana (20)

It is one of the districts in the Greater Accra Region. Its neighbouring Tema, La Dade Kotopon, Adenta and Accra districts all of which are in the Greater Accra region according to the map of Greater Accra. The district area is approximately 47.58 square kilometers with a projection of over 300,000 people going by the 2010 PHC. The Ledzokuku Krowor Municipal assembly is currently headed by Evelyn Naa Adjeley TwumGyamrah who also serves as the political head and the Chief Executive. It was carved out of the Accra Metropolitan District, and the district capital in greater Accra is Nungua, one of the busiest and industrious towns in Ghana.

11. Ada East District

All districts in Greater Accra region of Ghana (21)

Ada East district was formerly the Dangme East district which was split in 2008 to have two districts Ada East and Ada West. The district is major occupied by the Dangme community which explains why it formerly bore the name Dagme. Ada East has Ada Foah as the capital with other big towns such as Big Ada and Ada Kasseh.

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It borders Ada West and stretches out to the coastal area adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean and is along the river estuary. This district has experienced a major boost from fishing and exploration of minerals which have led to the development of infrastructure, industries and improved trade as well as the living standards of people. The administrative boundaries lie within an area of 289.783 square kilometers at Latitudes 5°45 and 6°00 (North) and Longitudes 0°20 to 0°35 (East) respectively. What's more, this district has benefitted from tourism who contribute a big chunk of its income annually thank the beautiful coastal strip.

12. Ada West District

All districts in Greater Accra region of Ghana (23)

It is one of the largest districts in the Greater Accra region. It is located to the East of Ada East district, West of Ningo Prampram and Shai Osudoku District and the Gulf of Guinea. To the north are the North and South Tongu Districts which border it. It lies squarely on an area of 323.721 square kilometers with an estimated population of more than 100,000 people with females being slightly higher in numbers than men.

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In 1989 the Local Government gazetted Dagme District as one of the districts in Ghana. However, the population increased rapidly and was recently divided to give rise to Ada East and Ada West. It is one of those districts which has a unique physical feature; a lake and yet still touches the ocean. It goes without saying that the district benefits from farming and fishing among many other economic activities. Ada West is one of the Districts in the Greater Accra Region with its administrative capital being Sege where the Municipal Assembly is based.

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13. Ga Central District

All districts in Greater Accra region of Ghana (25)

It was stemmed from the Ga Metropolitan which was recently re-demarcated to give rise to four district due to the population increase and drive to optimal manage resources to ensure the grassroots are well covered. The districts include Ga West, East, South, and Central. The district assemblies in Greater Accra are based in Sowutuom. The Ga Central Assembly comprises of a Member of Parliament, the Municipal Chief Executive, five government appointees and nine elected members with two councils; Chantan and Anyaa zonal councils.

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14. Kpone Katamanso District

All districts in Greater Accra region of Ghana (27)

It is one of the famous districts in the Greater Accra region. It has a unique administration line as it is represented in the Parliament of Ghana who is responsible for ensuring that there is legislation passed for the overall benefit of the ordinary citizen especially in matters of development, infrastructure, education, health, and environment. The Current parliamentary representative is Hon. Joseph Nii Laryea Afotey Agbo of the National Democratic Congress.

The Kpone Katamanso district is a recent establishment which was a sub-division of the Tema Metropolitan. It borders Ningo Prampram, Shai Osudoku, Ashaiman, Tema, Adenta and La Nkwantanang Madina districts. It is rich in ethnic diversity with artisan still practicing traditional weaving, cloth making, jewelry, wood and stone cuttings among many other things. The capital is the Kpone town which similarly hosts the assembly.

15. Ningo Prampram District

All districts in Greater Accra region of Ghana (28)

This district in the Greater Accra region is similarly represented in the Parliament of Ghana by the Member of Parliament, Hon. Sam Nartey George of the National Democratic Congress party. Its assembly is located at the Ningo Prampram district capital Ningo. The district derives its name from a large and older town Ningo, and a small village called Prampram in the Greater Accra region. It is a popular area known for great project proposals such as the Hope City Complex although it was later moved to another location and boast of state of the art International airport in close proximity with Ningo. This has opened up this district into the door of investment as business tycoons channel their money and resources in trade among other areas of interest. It borders Shai Osudoku, Ada West, Kpone Katamanso districts and to the south is the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean.

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16. Shai Osudoku District

All districts in Greater Accra region of Ghana (30)

Shai Osudoku is one of the 16 districts and municipalities in the greater Accra region. The administrative Capital is Dodowa. This district was carved out of the great Dagme District of 1988 but subdivided in order to ensure citizen benefit from government resources sufficiently, and that corruption is dealt with. It is the largest district according to the Map of Greater Accra and borders the Ningo Prampram, Kpone Katamanso, and the Ada West districts.

The main tourists' attraction sites are the Shai Hills Resource Reserve, Kyenku Water Falls, the sea lane in Prampram, Stone Lodge near the Osuwem junction and the Dodowa Forest. In addition to this, the district is rich culturally and has upheld the Gmayem and hom*owo festivals up to the minute. Tourism, trade, and farming are the main economic activities.

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