Horrific Ordeal Of Female Inmate Who Says She Was Raped In Prison By Bearded, 6'2" Trans Cellmate Who Then Perversely Claimed To Be The Victim (2024)

Housed successful a women's prison, Rebecca could person reasonably expected that she wouldn't stock a compartment pinch her alleged early rapist.

But, days aft moving cells pursuing an statement pinch different prisoners, Rebecca says she fell unfortunate to a 'fully penetrative' battle successful nan showers — astatine nan hands of her caller cellmate, a self-identified transgender inmate.

The alleged onslaught has near her pinch crippling trauma and incapable to ablution for days astatine a time. Basic hygiene is now a 'trigger' that brings nan scary of her ordeal flooding back.

DailyMail.com tin now exclusively uncover nan shocking specifications of this alleged intersexual battle astatine Central California Women's Facility (CCWF) successful Chowchilla, immoderate 150 miles southeast of San Francisco.

We person changed Rebecca's sanction to safeguard her existent identity.

Rebecca says she was raped byTremaine Carroll, 51, 1 of nan first antheral prisoners to use to transportation to a women's lockup nether California's progressive transgender detainee law.

Carroll now stands accused of 2 rapes - nan alleged onslaught connected Rebecca and different unrelated battle connected an unidentified personification astir nan aforesaid time. (Pictured: Stock image of female prisoner).

In January 2024, Rebecca, who is successful her thirties and conscionable complete five-feet tall, was serving a short condemnation for a burglary.

Sources adjacent to her lawsuit opportunity that aft she asked situation authorities to alteration her cell, she opted to room pinch 2 chap female prisoners and a self-identified transgender inmate, named Tremaine Carroll.

As a juvenile, Carroll was charged pinch theft and firearm possession offenses successful 1988 and 1989, according to tribunal documents.

In 1990, arsenic an adult, Carroll was arrested for engagement successful nan gunpoint kidnapping, robbery and intersexual battle of 2 women.

Carroll was charged pinch 3 counts of 'oral copulation,' nan enactment of forcing a unfortunate to execute oral sex, though these counts were yet dropped.

Carroll pled blameworthy to only 2 counts of kidnapping and was sentenced to 10 years and 8 months successful prison.

After his release, Carroll — past property 25 — offended again successful 1998 and was arrested and convicted for nan robbery of a jewelry store.

That crime activated California's 'Three Strikes and You're Out' law, which mandates further penalties for offenders pinch 3 superior felony convictions.

Carroll was sentenced to a minimum of 25 years to life and has been locked up ever since.

Now, astatine 51 years old, 6ft 2in gangly and astir 200lbs, Carroll is physically imposing.

In mugshot photos, Carroll sports heavy achromatic and grey stumble and self-identifies arsenic a trans woman, though has not undergone activity reassignment surgery.

That is not a prerequisite for antheral inmates to transportation to all-female accommodation successful California.

On September 29, 2020, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed The Transgender Respect, Agency, and Dignity Act to let incarcerated transgender, non-binary and intersex group to petition to beryllium housed successful a 'manner accordant pinch their gender identity.'

To use for transfer, inmates must only profess their personality — and get nan support of situation authorities.

Rebecca says she was raped successful nan showers. Now, showering makes her relive nan scary of nan attack.

CCWF's sprawling analyzable successful Chowchilla has been dogged by claims of intersexual unit successful its cells for years.

California's Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom signed nan transgender situation measure into rule successful September 2020.

In August 2021, Carroll was moved to CCWF aft galore complaints, including claims of harassment by different detainees and allegedly being nan unfortunate of much than 30 intersexual assaults.

Once wrong CCWF, Carroll became thing of a 'poster child' for nan state's transgender inmate programs.

Writing for an obscure news website successful 2022, Carroll described being a 'trans woman' pinch a 'girl's bosom and a confused mind.'

Women's authorities lawyer Lauren Bone, who opposes nan Transgender Respect Act, told DailyMail.com that Carroll moreover made a connection refuting nan claims of her clients — female CCWF inmates who said they were victimized by trans prisoners.

In grounds collected by nan American Civil Liberties Union, a staunch protagonist of California's trans inmate policy, Carroll claimed not to beryllium a threat to women.

'I cognize what it feels for illustration to unrecorded successful fearfulness and to transportation nan weight of nan past maltreatment by men,' Carroll wrote. 'We're each successful nan aforesaid boat.'

Rebecca begs to differ.

She now reveals Carroll began expressing intersexual liking successful her instantly aft moving cells, according to sources.

Carroll allegedly near her coquettish notes. On nan 2nd time successful nan room, Rebecca claimed that Carroll propositioned her.

She said she turned down each nan advances.

But, little than 24 hours later, Rebecca claimed Carroll attacked her erstwhile she was unsocial successful nan situation ablution and raped her.

Detainees and unit astatine CCWF celebrated a 'day of action' for trans prisonersin January.

Sources told DailyMail.com that Rebecca was past hospitalized and, humiliatingly, kept successful limb and limb chains arsenic she was subjected to a pelvic exam.

Upon her merchandise from nan hospital, Rebecca was segregated from nan situation population, strip-searched and treated arsenic if she were nan predator because — reprehensibly — Carroll had alleged that she was nan rapist instead.

Rebecca was said to person screamed and cried passim nan ordeal.

The ridiculous quality of Carroll's counter-allegation has now been made evident by nan charismatic filing of intersexual battle charges against Carroll by nan Madera County California District Attorney's office.

Sally Moreno, nan District Attorney starring nan alleged rape lawsuit against Carroll said nan caller allegations formed uncertainty connected nan determination to greenlight nan transportation to CCWF.

Asked if nan California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) should reappraisal its procedures, nan DA said: 'I surely dream so.'

Carroll now stands accused of 2 rapes — nan alleged onslaught connected Rebecca and different unrelated battle connected an unidentified personification astir nan aforesaid time.

Carroll besides faces 1 complaint of attempting to intimidate a witnesser to 1 of nan attacks.

Carroll has denied each nan charges — but has been transferred retired of CCWF to Kern Valley State Prison, an all-male lockup, according to situation records.

The CDCR declined to remark connected Carroll's case, but a spokeswoman told DailyMail.com that transgender inmates who 'present a information and guidance concern' are not allowed to transportation facilities.

Women's authorities advocates said these allegations are a wake-up telephone to nan California situation system, which has moved much than 44 biologic antheral prisoners into all-female accommodation since 2021.

Nearly 200 much applications for transportation are now nether review.

According to a suit revenge by nan Women's Liberation Front (Wolf), a wide feminist defense group, CCWF installed condom-dispensing machines aft nan law's passage.

Whistleblowers person besides travel forward.

Former California authorities situation guard, Hector Bravo Ferrel, worked astatine Diego Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility, a high-security men's penitentiary adjacent San Diego.

He said that aft nan 2020 rule passed 'predatory' inmates were 'champing astatine nan bit' to clone activity changes and petition transfers.

Horrific Ordeal Of Female Inmate Who Says She Was Raped In Prison By Bearded, 6'2" Trans Cellmate Who Then Perversely Claimed To Be The Victim (2024)
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