How to Accessorize a Black Dress (2024)

How to Accessorize a Black Dress (1)

The black dress is one of the most essential wardrobe staples—it’s a must-have classic! If you’re wondering why it’s become such an iconic style choice, the answer is versatility. You can accessorize a black dress for nearly any occasion.

Accessories are the key to transforming the entire look and feel of an outfit. You can style the same dress in tons of different ways just by changing out your accessories. So, are you ready to learn how to accessorize a black dress?

Check out our recommendations for jewelry, scarves, shoes, handbags, and more to create different looks!

1.Slip Into Gloves

If you have a mini dress, you can choose accessories for a black dress that contrast with the short hemline. One of our favorite ways to contrast a short hemline without covering up the dress is with a pair of gloves!

Gloves are incredibly popular right now and allow you to add structure and color to your outfit. Choose a dramatic set of gloves with details that make them stand out, like oversized bows or a train.

To make sure your outfit still looks cohesive, match the gloves with jewelry that echoes the same silhouette—like bejeweled bow earrings to go with your bow accent!

2.Add A Belt

Belting a dress does more than just add an extra piece—it also transforms the silhouette of your dress! Accessorizing with a belt allows you to play with color and shape.

You can try a monochrome look with black on black in a way that explores texture, like a leather belt with a lace LBD. Or, try a belt with a pop of color for accents that match your shoes, purse, and belt together.

3.Pastel Pairings for Spring

How to Accessorize a Black Dress (2)

You can transform your little black dress for any season with the addition of colorful accessories. How you accessorize a black dress for spring is with pastel hues. Pairing black and pastel is an unexpected duo that can soften even the most structured of designs.

If you want to try something more flirty or feminine, go a little wild with color in your accessories. Match your shoes, purse, and lips for a cohesive look. Don’t shy away from dramatic extras, like strappy stilettos or textured bags.

4.Add a HUGE Tote

Jumbo bags are a great choice for your little black dress because not only are they on-trend, but they can hold everything you need. Tote accessories are also the perfect option for a simple black dress.

If you’re wearing a shift or shirt-dress, let your tote be the star with something unique. Try a few different designs to find the complement to your dress, including highly structured, full of unique details, or mixed material designs.

5.Styled with Tights

How you accessorize a black dress with tights is up to you, but there are many options out there! Try your dress with colorful tights for a pop of color, or add texture with a printed weave. You can even bring back fishnet with modern floral lace.

If you’re heading out for a semi-formal or co*cktail event, we recommend wearing heels instead of a ballet flat or loafer.

6.Wear Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry is exactly how to accessorize a black slip dress from basic to bombastic. Silver jewelry is a pretty dramatic look against black, so you don’t have to go crazy with oversized pieces.

Try layering some simple necklaces and adding a pair of matching earrings that stand out without overwhelming the rest of the outfit. Skip out on the statement jewelry this time to evoke sophistication and elegance.

7.Make It Casual

How to Accessorize a Black Dress (3)

Perhaps a little counterintuitive to the LBD, casual accessories for a black dress are a fun twist for more relaxed days. How you accessorize a black dress for a more urban look requires sneakers, a denim shirt jacket, and a pair of hoops.

Slick back your hair in a low bun to exude that off-duty model look.

8.Play with Texture

There’s no better way to learn how to accessorize a black dress than playing with texture! You can create an outfit that complements a stunning little black dress with feathered accessories, lace applique, fringe, feathers, and even sequins.

Keep your black dress simple to contrast with your accessories as much as possible. Lastly, keep all your textured accessories matching by choosing one detail to tie the whole look together.

9.Elevate Your Look — Literally!

Shoes aren’t the only way to add height to your ensemble. While platforms can elevate your look, so can padded headbands. They’ll add height to your silhouette and volume to your hair to balance out a clunkier shoe.

We love platforms when you’re going for height with either a wedge or a super chunky heel! Make sure your headband and shoes work together with matching colors or materials for a perfectly thematic outfit.

10.Make a Statement with Earrings

How to Accessorize a Black Dress (4)

We already talked about how to accessorize a black dress with simple jewelry. Now, it’s time to do the opposite! Accessorize your favorite LBD with statement earrings instead. You have two options here: bright colors or oversized designs.

With oversized statement earrings, silver or gold are a great choice. If you prefer a slightly smaller design, you can still make a statement with color. Try a pair of beaded earrings to complete your look.

Versatility Is Key

Now that you know how to accessorize a black dress, you have lots of variety available for future outfits. Test these looks with your existing pieces, and supplement your outfits with whatever you’re missing by shopping at our women’s clothing boutique.

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How to Accessorize a Black Dress (2024)
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