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You side-eyed at the way Swagger chuckled, opening the gate to yet another unlucky person to be bound to that damned place. Last time you checked, a cow hybrid, dark haired man adorning a milkman outfit was arguing with the two idiots and creators of the so-called Bungerburg. It was misery, all around and inside it.
Thankfully, you got the gist of what they wanted to pull. You simply told them you weren’t interested, even when Souls tried his very best to persuade you. Did he expect you to be that stupid? Probably, if he thought the fine print at the very end would be skipped.

You made a home for yourself not too far from the locked away nation and were out looking for some slimes, wouldn’t you know it, most of them spawned around that cursed place. Speaking of, there was something that was off. Usually, when you were even in SMALL proximity to Bungerburg, a cretin called Jschlatt would bother you non-stop to get out of there. (But no, they did not own the area surrounding said place.) Yet, he was nowhere to be found. Instead, a sound of talking and laughing emanated from behind the thick and tall walls; they were rather loud. The question was, who the hell’s voice was that? It didn’t ring a bell at all. Then again, you were kind of being nosy about someone else’s business.

As you stepped back, you heard the gate slowly open. That was your cue to leave, so you turned on your heel and were about to walk back home, because, well, you had gotten everything you needed. First things first, you needed to suit up and take all the necessary tools you needed. Maybe bring your dog with you just in case? Some part of you didn’t want to risk it, though, you were rather fond of said dog.

“Hey, man. Where do you think you’re goin’?“ Swagger shouted behind you, you simply blinked tiredly and ran a hand down your face as you turned around to face the man himself. “Home, Souls. I’m going home. What do you want this time?“ Schlatt peaked his head over Swagger's shoulder, grinning smugly. “Minx told me you were being a sneaky bitch n’ spying on us, is all.” He said, almost too proudly. Then again, when wasn’t he? “I wasn’t spying on you, I just came to get some materials, you know, as someone does when planning to go somewhere?“ Seems he never heard of being prepared.

Schlatt whispered something to Swagger before you finally noticed the man at his side. A tall, colourful; quite literally, dude who’s hair blended in with his skin colour, which almost made it impossible to tell where it started. A mix of yellows, blues, pinks and reds making up his skin. Oh, and the white ‘F’ on his face in a perfect circle. Like a stamp. You assumed it probably stood for something, or, this man had simply gotten a life ruining tattoo on his face when he was a teen. What would he prefer, you wonder..

Jschlatt stepped out from behind the other, clasping his hands together as one of his ears flicked back against his horn, “Fitz could help you with that. He’s been gone a while, after all! You could tell them how much of a good guy you are, too.“ Fitz, that was his name. That makes sense. “Really gotta put me on the spot like this?” Schlatt gave an innocent smile in response to the question. Fitz finally looked over at you, crossing his arms. “.. Just call me GoodGuyFitz.” Ah. We’re going by usernames. As you were about to mutter yours, Swagger butt in, “—Great. No-one cares, now, how about you guys go run off into the sunset, I needed something, so Fitz can have a little partner while collecting it!” you rolled your eyes.

You snapped your feet to the opposite way the second he stopped speaking and started walking in the direction of your house, evidently, leaving the man you had just met behind.

To put it nicely, you had no interest talking to or even being seen near someone who was positively involved with those two. Sure, they could be annoying, stupid, maybe moronic and even made horrid choices, but that was putting it on the low scale. They were insane people who had basically started a f*cking CULT, with UNWILLING people, and then plastered the word nation onto it to try and get the Feds off their asses. So for the next few hours, you decided to enchant your diamond armour and equipment to the best ability that you could.

.. Until you actually started heading towards the nether portal that was kind of for everyone, and there stood the individual you had met just hours ago.. You surely could find another nether portal around here, right?
“You don’t have to f*cking avoid me, man.“ He chuckled. Too late for that, huh? You sucked in a breath before you walked over to him, fumbling with the axe in your hands. “Sorry. I didn’t.. I just— I’ve never seen you around. I guess that’s what threw me off.” Fitz raised a brow, “What, because the only time you’ve seen me is when I was talking to Schlatt and Swagger?” you grimace before swiftly slipping the axe into your inventory. “Guess so.”

“I’ve been here from the start. I used to be a builder in Bungerburg or whatever the hell they call it,” he waved his hand around, trying to explain, “I only stuck around for a bit before I left, maybe a day or two. Didn’t get on for a good while after that.” you clicked your tongue, “So, now they’re using you as their bellboy?” Fitz laughed at that, “Yeah. Basically. I don’t care, I could refuse any time I f*cking want, but, I could get a sh*t ton of extra netherite for myself by using the tools they gave me. Pair of morons, but they’re my boys.“ He cleared his throat after a second, “—But anyways, you said you were going somewhere. So, the nether?“
You smiled, more comfortable, “Yeah. I saw a sh*t ton of netherite and I kind of need it, I’m tired of the whole.. Diamond stuff. I hate the colour, honestly.“ He tilted his head towards the portal. “Why don’t we help each other out? I’ve been there plenty of times. I could be a great asset, as Schlatt said,“ he said.

“Actually, he said you were a GoodGuyFitz.“ You said, teasingly. He groaned, “So f*cking original. Just call me Fitz, smartass, now c’mon,“ he stepped into the portal, disappearing with a purple flare after a second or two. You jumped in, not waiting one more minute.
As you stumbled out, he caught you by the collar of your shirt, pulling you straight up so as to not fall right onto your face. “You really shouldn’t do that unless you want to die of brain damage,” You simply dusted yourself off and swatted his hand away, finally taking a good look at the place. You had been here yesterday, and you really hoped that the netherite was still there, so you immediately booked it for where you last saw it. You could hear Fitz yelp in surprise because you had stepped on his foot while doing so, murmuring curses until you could no longer hear him.

Then, you looked down at the broken bridge, fallen to the bottom of the nethers rocky terrain. So, slime block, that’s how this is going to work, you just need to think on where to place it, exactly when you near the bottom, and it should all go smoothly—

Should. Should’ve gone smoothly, until Fitz, in his rush to catch up, bumped right into your back and sent you down the edge of the remains with a slip, “Oh, sh*t—!“ you fell, yet, somehow, managed to set the block right under you as soon as you neared the end, bouncing for a second before panting and getting a good grip of whatever the f*ck just happened. Oh, god, you could’ve died. Yeah, you’d respawn, but sh*t, it was painful as all hell. You heard a voice call from above; “Are you okay?“ you simply glared, got off the slime block, picked it up and walked away.

For a few minutes, maybe thirty, maybe fourty, you couldn’t tell, to be honest, looked around the place for no sign of the netherite. Great. This was so great for you, you looked over as you heard the sound of an explosion, “Fitz?“ you asked as you noticed the man of the hour came from the sound of the explosion. “Hey. Sorry, I kind of have a f*cking ghost following me right now,“ He gave a thumbs up and slicked his hair back with a deep exhale.

You tilted your head, ”Wait, you mean, like—“ you yelped as a ghast followed from the corner, shooting a fireball right at Fitz and way too close to you. You basically ran over, parrying it back with your sword. You did so a few more times before it eventually died with a weep. As you were about to scold Fitz, he let out a small wince. He covered his left arm, a tiny amount of burning from the fireball visible from where you were standing. “You moron,“ You grabbed his wrist, dragging him into the nearby cave.

He sat and leaned against the cave’s interior as you bandaged him up, it took a bit of convincing, but he seemed to realise it would only hurt more than to try something like covering up the burns so they were not exposed to anything else that could do more damage. His arm tensed as you wrapped another layer on top, “.. I’m sorry for almost getting you killed and all that.” he said, almost shamefully. You couldn’t help but feel some pity, but then again.. “I don’t forgive you, and twice, by the way.” You sat in silence for another few minutes before you spoke up, “.. Thank you for apologising though.” and Fitz let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding.

You reached out your other hand before hesitantly pulling back slightly, “Do you mind if I check your neck? I know I only have some bandages at the moment, but it’ll have to do.“ he hummed, “Sure, why the f*ck not?“ you laughed softly before tilting his chin up, and you could feel the way he shuddered at that. Certainly not in a bad way, though. As he opened up one eye and looked over the way your fingers traced over his adams apple, and maybe just a tad down to his collarbones. He accepted the touch, not making a big deal out of it, yet appreciating it as much as he could. He felt so warm, it would be concerning if you both weren’t in the nether..

Wait, the nether, that’s what you were here for and all of a sudden.. You perked up, noticing a small glimmer come from above his head. “.. So, netherite.“ That seemed to snap him out of it as he shifted and looked behind him. “Well, sh*t.“ He chuckled. Hey, maybe this wasn’t all too bad, after all.

It took about an hour or so to get all of the netherite, and when you say there was a-lot, there really, really was. Thankfully, Fitz helped out with grabbing half or more of it. You didn’t need all of it, plus, you knew more than what he took would be for him than for Swagger and Schlatt. And after that, you ended up travelling back up to the portal and stepping back into the world that seemed to turn dark and lightless, yet it felt nice. The cold breeze and smell of dandelions. Had you really been in there for so much time?

Fitz spoke up after a few seconds, looking up at the night sky that was littered in stars as he did, “Same time, tomorrow?” And you choked on your breath, “Only if you promise not to kill me by accident.“

Just A GoodGuy - cowboyfetcher (2024)
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