Many of the 171 new state laws signed this year take effect July 1 - The Indiana Lawyer (2024)

Many of the 171 new state laws signed this year take effect July 1 - The Indiana Lawyer (1)

A short legislative session brought determined energy to the Statehouse from lawmakers prepared to get in and get things done this pastwinter.

Some of those things included initiatives aimed at improving third-grade reading skills, increasing “intellectual diversity” at publicly funded colleges and allowing the return of happy hours at bars.

Next legislative session, lawmakers will craft a two-year state budget, forcing them to balance the need to adequately fund state programs while maintaining strong reserves.

Below is the list of bills passed during the 2024 legislative session and signed into law by Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb. Most of the new laws take effect July 1, but some take effect immediately, retroactively or at a later date.


For more details on each bill, visit this website.


SB 1: Reading skills

SB 2: Child care

SB 4: Fiscal and Administrative matters

SB 5: Lead water line replacement and lead remediation

SB 6: Reading proficiency

SB 8: Higher education matters

SB 9: Notice of health care entity mergers

SB 15: Military benefits and services poster

SB 16: Guardians ad litem in adoption pilot program

SB 17: Age verification for material harmful to minors

SB 18: Various probate matters

SB 19: License suspension

SB 20: Municipal riverfront development district permits

SB 23: Damage to a penalfacility

SB 29: Town party conventions

SB 33: Distributions of public safety income tax revenue

SB 34: Occupational licensing

SB 35: Technical corrections

SB 36: Interference with boundary marker

SB 37: Oversight of convention and visitor bureau

SB 48: State educational institution information

SB 49: Catastrophically disabled veteran hunting

SB 58: Restaurant carryoutsales

SB 65: Salvage motor vehicles

SB 70: Bail and release review commission

SB 80: Code publication amendments

SB 104: Veterinary medicine

SB 109: Adult protective services

SB 132: Professions and professional services

SB 135: Redistricting deadline

SB 140: Natural resources

SB 146: Youth employment

SB 148: Workforce datacollection

SB 149: Tobacco

SB 150: Artificial intelligence and cybersecurity

SB 169: Child caring institutions and group homes

SB 170: Crimes and election workers

SB 171: Compensation for victims of violent crime

SB 179: Commission on court appointed attorneys

SB 180: Central bank digital currency

SB 181: Citizenship and immigration status

SB 182: Regulation of drones near correctional facilities

SB 183: County option propertytax

SB 185: Student use of wireless communication device

SB 188: Actions on depositaccounts

SB 189: Locating and recovering wild games

SB 190: State disaster relieffund

SB 202: State educational institution matters

SB 205: Collaborative brewing

SB 206: Environmental matters

SB 211: Excellence in civic engagement designation and school meetings

SB 212: Various educationmatters

SB 215: Medicare supplement insurance

SB 216: Agriculture and pesticides

SB 220: Financial institutions and consumer credit

SB 221: State board ofaccounts

SB 222: Automobile dealers

SB 225: Exchange of insurance information after accident

SB 226: Attorney’s fees

SB 228: Various tax matters

Many of the 171 new state laws signed this year take effect July 1 - The Indiana Lawyer (2)SB 232: Statewide 911 system

SB 234: Disaster emergency

SB 238: Innkeeper’s tax

SB 241: Taking bobcats

SB 246: Assessment of wetlands classified aswildlands

SB 247: Water and wastewater utility infrastructure

SB 252: Notice publication

Many of the 171 new state laws signed this year take effect July 1 - The Indiana Lawyer (3)SB 253: LakeMichigan rescue equipment

SB 256: Fiscalmatters

SB 260: Neighborhood and individual development incentives

SB 270: Various education matters

SB 273: Biomarker testing coverage

SB 281: Child safety requirements for offroadvehicles

SB 282: Absenteeism and school attendance

SB 286: Selection of poet laureate

SB 290: Criminal justice data


HB 1001: Education and higher education matters

HB 1002: Enforcement of equal educational opportunity

HB 1003: Administrative law

HB 1004: Pension matters

HB 1021: Green alert for missing at risk veterans

HB 1025: Mixedbeverages

HB 1026: Commission, committee, and board administration

HB 1027: Fire department work schedule

HB 1032: Legislative notaries

HB 1034: Insurance and transfer on death deeds

HB 1042: Transition to teaching scholarships

HB 1047: Sexual offenses

HB 1051: Communication between caregivers and parents

HB 1058: Breast cancer screening and services

HB 1064: DCS technical changes and adoption subsidies

HB 1067: Human services matters

Hb 1068: Unlicensed real estate solicitors

HB 1070: Mental health grants

HB 1084: Privacy of firearms financial transactions

HB 1086: Alcoholic beverage sales

HB 1090: Transportationmatters

HB 1092: Financial responsibility for aircraft

HB 1093: Employment ofminors

HB 1101: Courts for children three years of age and younger in need of services

HB 1102: Childcare

Many of the 171 new state laws signed this year take effect July 1 - The Indiana Lawyer (4)HB 1104: Schoolsafety

HB 1106: Regulated amusem*nt devices

HB 1108: Development restrictions on slopes

HB 1120: State and local administration

HB 1121: Local income tax

HB 1122: Underground facility protection

HB 1123: Child advocacycenters

HB 1133: Use of digitally altered media in elections

HB 1135: Cosmetology apprenticeships

HB 1137: Release for religious instruction

HB 1138: Professional licensingmatters

HB 1142: Hoosier first responder medal of honor

HB 1143: Disposal of firearms via trade for new equipment

HB 1158: County contracts

HB 1160: Civil proceeding advance payment contracts and commercial litigation financing

HB 1162: Bureau of motorvehicles

HB 1163: Certificates of public convenience and necessity

HB 1179: State educational institutions

Many of the 171 new state laws signed this year take effect July 1 - The Indiana Lawyer (5)

HB 1181: Horticultural matters

HB 1182: Regulation of controlled substances

HB 1183: Foreign ownership ofland

HB 1194: State administration

HB 1197: Alcohol and tobaccocommission

HB 1199: Economic enhancement district

HB 1203: Xylazine

HB 1204: Publication of publicnotices

HB 1205: Mental health standards and reporting

HB 1206: Voting by small water and wastewater utilities

HB 1209: Rule against perpetuities

HB 1216: Medicaid reimbursem*nt for certain detainees

HB 1222: Residential real estate service agreements

HB 1231: Service of safety orders and penalty assessments

Many of the 171 new state laws signed this year take effect July 1 - The Indiana Lawyer (6)HB 1233: Robotics competition program

HB 1238: Competency evaluation

HB 1240: Criminal law issues

HB 1242: Excess liability trustfund

HB 1243: Various educationmatters

HB 1258: Food regulation

HB 1259: Health care matters

Many of the 171 new state laws signed this year take effect July 1 - The Indiana Lawyer (7)HB 1264: Election security

HB 1265: Various election matters

HB 1274: Indiana semiquincentennial licenseplate

HB 1276: Notice of a public hearing or meeting

HB 1277: State administration of federal BEAD program

HB 1278: IURC and office of energy development matters

HB 1284: Deposit account agreements

HB 1302: Emergency medicalservices

HB 1306: Live transmission and archiving of IURC meetings

HB 1310: Children in need ofservices

HB 1320: Building regulation

HB 1328: Department of local government finance

HB 1329: Local government matters

HB 1332: Insurance matters

HB 1336: Loan brokers

HB 1337: HOA regulation of beekeeping

HB 1338: Security of property and meeting decorum

HB 1352: Inspection of residential onsite sewagesystems

HB 1359: Probate

HB 1369: Family and juvenilelaw matters

Many of the 171 new state laws signed this year take effect July 1 - The Indiana Lawyer (8)HB 1380: Various education matters

HB 1383: Wetlands

HB 1385: Emergency medical services

HB 1387: Housing development

HB 1401: Various natural resources matters

HB 1412: Canine standard ofcare

HB 1417: Agricultural matters

HB 1418: Forensic diversion and drug courts

HB 1422: trafficking of harmful substances in jails

HB 1426: Long acting reversible contraceptives


Source: Indiana General Assembly and Indiana Lawyer research

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Many of the 171 new state laws signed this year take effect July 1 - The Indiana Lawyer (2024)
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