STAT 113 Statistics and Society - Purdue Universityjtroisi/STAT113Fall2014/STAT113Fall2014First... · Perdisco Online Homework • You MUST purchase access to Perdisco (~$36). • - [PDF Document] (2024)

STAT 113 Statistics and Society

First day of classMonday recitation

Jeremy [emailprotected]

Blackboard Learn site

3 versions of STAT 113


TTh lectures (9:30am and 11:30 am) with Ellen

M recitations with T.A.

Online Everything online except exams

Hybrid Everything online except for Thursday

meetings in for group work and hands-on


Same for all: schedule, exams, Mixable assignments, homework, lectures.

Materials needed for the class

1) The textbook (Moore and Notz, Statistics: Concepts and Controversies, 8th edition, W.H. Freeman). See additional information on Blackboard.

2) StatsPortal online resources from W.H. Freeman to go with the textbook. See instructions in Blackboard for how to register.

3) Perdisco Online Homework. Register through See instructions in Blackboard.

4) Access to Microsoft Excel software. 5) A scientific calculator (graphing calculator is ok but not necessary).

Cell phones, PDAs, and laptops will not be allowed during exams.6) An activated Purdue University Computing Center career account.7) Access to Mixable through your Purdue account (see note later in

syllabus).8) 3 inch x 5 inch index cards for quiz “cheat sheets.”9) iClicker (Either 1st or 2nd generation is fine.) Our classroom frequency is AA. You will need to register your

iClicker on the Blackboard Learn site. We will use the iClickers beginning in the 2nd week of classes.

1) text:1) text: 2) StatsPortal:2) StatsPortal:



Statistics: Concepts and Controversies 8eby David Moore and William Notz

StatsPortal INCLUDES…StatsPortal INCLUDES…



Problem-solving videos

Problem-solving videos

Self-quiz study toolSelf-quiz

study tool

Perdisco online HW link (Perdisco is a

separate product)

Perdisco online HW link (Perdisco is a

separate product)

Excel manualExcel


Perdisco Online Homework

Perdisco Online Homework



Separate registration. Do this today! Instructions in Blackboard.

Perdisco Online Homework

• You MUST purchase access to Perdisco (~$36).• If your financial aid is late, e-mail

[emailprotected], and they will set up temporary access for you.

• If you have trouble with your credit card making a payment to an Australian company, contact [emailprotected] to get an alternate payment plan.

• 2 attempts on each assignment, your higher one counts.

• Save the feedback to your computer (or print out) after each attempt. You won’t be able to go back to it.

• Lowest HW score is dropped.



iClicker points

• iClicker questions start in the 2nd week of


• Each iClicker question is worth 2 points:

– 1 point for answering any of the available answer choices.

– 1 additional point for answering correctly.

iClicker reminder

You are allowed to use ONLY YOUR iClicker.

If you use additional iClickers for your friends who are sleeping in, then you and your friends will lose ALL of your iClicker points FOR THE WHOLE SEMESTER. No excuses, no exceptions.

Channel AA

What happens if you forget your iClicker one day?

• Not a big deal. Ellen will drop 20% of the iClicker points anyway, so missing a day or two over the semester is not a big deal.

• No reason to tell anybody about it.• iClicker scores will be put on Blackboard every

week or two. It is your responsibility to check them each week to make sure they are uploading properly.

• Don’t forget to register your iClicker on Blackboard!• If you get a new iClicker during the semester, let

Ellen know immediately.

Course components

• Exams• Online homework with Perdisco• Mixable assignments• Quizzes (Traditional and Hybrid)• Class participation

Due datesQuizzes: most Mondays in Recitation

Homework: most Friday nights by 11:55 pm on Perdisco

Get registered today!

iClickers: all lectures starting the 2nd week

register your iClicker on Blackboard

AA is our channel

Syllabus quiz: due by F 9/5 in Class Participation folder on


MixableWorks just like Facebook!

Post and discuss articles that use specific statistics concepts.

Comment on other students’ posts.

Read over the assignment early and look for good articles for first few weeks of the semester.

How to study for the exams

• Make a good cheat sheet.– 8 ½ inches x 11 inches.– Anything you want, handwritten in your own

handwriting.– Both sides ok.– Worth 1 point on the exam.

• Use the Study Guide on Blackboard.– Learning objectives, listed by chapter.– Old exam problems.

Recitations (usually)

5 minutes: T.A. talking. – Announcements of upcoming due dates.– Learning objectives from previous week.– Brief review of topics (not a re-lecture).

20 minutes: Students working in groups on the worksheet, T.A. walking around talking to them individually, student groups put answers on the board.

10 minutes: Discussion and questions from students.

15 minutes: Quiz.

Recitation quizzes

• You should bring a 3” x 5” index card with anything you want written on it in your own writing. This “cheat sheet” will be worth 1 point on the quiz.

• No cell phones for calculators. Bring a real calculator.

• The group work done before the quiz will help you prepare for the quiz.

• Lowest quiz score will be dropped.

No-technology zone in class!

Technical Problems?StatsPortal:• See StatsPortal help file in

Blackboard.• Call or e-mail StatsPortal help people.• Make sure you are using Firefox for

your browser, NOT Google Chrome.

Perdisco:• See Perdisco help file in Blackboard.• E-mail [emailprotected].


Office hoursHAAS 115 Statistics Help Room

See schedule in the “how to get help” folder on Blackboard!

Any student may visit the office hours of any instructor.

The Help Room is staffed from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday, and instructors from other courses may be able to offer you assistance when STAT 113 instructors are not scheduled to work.

Advice from former students• STAT 113 isn't a math class with critical thinking,

it's a critical thinking class with applied math.• Look at the schedule every day. Keep up on the

workload: homework, quiz note cards, exam sheets, and Mixables!

• If you have trouble, get help early so your problems don’t snowball.

• Start early on the homework so you have time to ask questions.

• Always check the emails Ellen sends out and announcements on Blackboard.

• Look at the homework and come with questions to lecture, recitation, etc.

• For difficult concepts/problems: practice, practice, practice!

• Go to all the office hours/help sessions available! Use those resources!

Real student quote from Summer 2012

"It was challenging enough that I felt accomplished when I got it right (complete with some excited dances and "YESSS!") but not so challenging that I wanted to die."

STAT 113 Statistics and Society - Purdue Universityjtroisi/STAT113Fall2014/STAT113Fall2014First... · Perdisco Online Homework • You MUST purchase access to Perdisco (~$36). • - [PDF Document] (2024)
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